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I'm Tom, a web3 marketing advisor

I've been helping both brands and creators launch their own web3 ideas and experiences since 2020.

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All the latest web3, crypto, NFT, and metaverse insights directly from me 😃
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Web3 Advice

If you have a team that is looking to learn more about the future of the internet, how it applies to your current operations, or how you can help your clients; I am happy to educate and advise.

NFT Strategy

I have the hands-on experience required to launch an NFT collection, know how to market your work, and how to build a community and appetite around the collection, and ultimately how to make the most of this new market.

Web3 Transformation

Web3 is coming. Just as your organisation had to adapt to the birth of the internet, and then adapt again or the creation of social media, you will have to prepare for many things in web3. The road ahead is still uncertain but things are becoming clearer day by day.

Community Management

I can help you build an engaged and informative community around your products and purpose. A community is one of the most powerful tools in understanding your impact and position in the market.

Data Scraping & Analytics

Lead generation, data enrichment and audience insight is all achievable with the right data. I can help gather, analyse and interpret that data.

Marketing Strategy

Most of the successful web3 projects have grown through organic marketing and word-of-mouth. I can help you understand your audience and how to appeal to them the right way.

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Get an audit of your current situation and performance. This will be the baseline set before we start working together so you can directly see the results.
My recommended next steps
My recommended ways to adopt web3 tech, grow your community and audience, and scale over the next 6 months, 1 year and 2 year period.

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Check out the blog

All the latest web3, crypto, NFT, and metaverse insights directly from me 😃