I'm Tom, a web3 advisor

I've been helping both brands and creators launch their own web3 ideas and experiences since 2020.
I’m happy to have you here.

About me

I have always been a big gamer, creator and (I suppose) designer. This has led me into a fantastic career as an engineer, programmer and now marketer. As Web3 has developed I have eagerly followed along to where we are today...

  • Experienced Web3 Marketer
  • 3D artist and designer
  • Web3 Enthusiast, Advisor and Consultant

Numbers don't lie

average in social growth

average community  growth

28 days
average time to return investment

What I offer

Web3 Advice

Education on how this stuff works

If you have a team that is looking to learn more about the future of the internet, how it applies to your current operations, or how you can help your clients; I am happy to educate and advise.
Full funnel marketing, MarTech stack, Data analysis, Automation, Reporting, Tracking... Everything you know in both Web2 and Web3 plus more.

NFT Strategy

A successful route to create, launch, market and sell NFTs

I have hands-on experience required to launch an NFT collection, how to market your work, how to build a community and appetite around the collection, and ultimately how to make the most of this new market.

Anyone can become an NFT artist or owner, but it takes real understanding to make this a scalable business model.

Web3 Transformation

Options, considerations, and next-steps all backed by data

Web3 is coming. Just as your organization had to adapt to the birth of the internet, and then adapt again or the creation of social media, you will have to prepare for many things in web3. The road ahead is still uncertain but things are becoming clearer day by day.

Marketing Strategy

A social media & storytelling strategy to build your community

Most of the successful web3 projects have grown through organic marketing and word-of-mouth. Paid solutions currently do not work, they are unauthentic and are not web3 by nature. I can help you understand your audience and how to appeal to them the right way.

My collaborative process

Introductory Discussion

Let’s start by having a brief call about you, your project and the ambitions you have to find out if we are a good match.


I will do a deep dive into the current state of the project such as share-of-voice, social presence, SEO, content, community engagement, etc.

Options & Next Steps

We get together to look at the options, typically 3 options that go in slightly different directions, and decide what is best.

Execute & Work, Work, Work!

We execute on the plan agreed, regularly feedback to you and your team with the performance and results.

Review and Discuss

We regroup after the current campaign wraps up and decide if we want to execute another option or if you are ready to go it alone.

Let's get in touch today!

I'm always happy to talk with anyone interested in NFTs, Web3, Crypto or anything else really... let's talk!

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